TopShot® automatically captures and documents the detailed injection history for each animal, which is easily downloaded to our platform and to any animal inventory and management software. Your data is 100% private, with no connection to Quick Shot and no Internet or cell connection needed to operate.


The TopShot® application platform resides on any laptop, desktop or server – Internet or cell service access is not required. Animal type, fluid profile and run profile menus are fast and easy to create. With TopShot® more animals can be processed per hour with fewer personnel. Plus your processing records are 100% private.


The TopShot® veterinary syringe system offers the accurate subcutaneous, intramuscular, intradermal and intranasal administration of the fluids injected into an animal using the same pump technology employed in hospitals for human patients, for precision animal care without fluid waste.


TopShot® is safe for the operator since the needle is never exposed, operator needle sticks are a thing of the past. Safe for the animal since the syringe is placed against the animal before the injection cycle is triggered, enabling precision placement and virtually eliminating broken needles.

For Veterinary Use Only
Subcutaneous, Intramuscular, Intradermal and Intranasal Injections Only
For Bovine, Bison, Swine, Sheep, Goat, Equine, Canine, Camel, Marsupial and other livestock Injections


Quick Shot makes animal injection faster, safer, and cheaper and fully automates animal injection record keeping. Our company was founded by two professionals with years of relevant experience: a veterinarian with a string of clinics and a patent-holding product design engineer with many years of experience designing human medical fluid infusion devices.

The TopShot® veterinary syringe and data collection system offers precise  subcutaneous, intramuscular, intradermal and intranasal administration of fluids injected into an animal while automatically documenting all aspects of that administration. It also reliably prevents partial-dosing and double-dosing, reduces operator fatigue and improves operator safety.


TopShot®  enables the processing of more animals per hour than manual animal injection devices. The TopShot® veterinary injection syringe system is expandable, allowing for flexible workflows. Operators can inject a single fluid with a single TopShot® system, carry two systems at once to inject two different fluids, or use several systems to inject several fluids in one pass at a chute or pen. Animal identification and all aspects of each injection are automatically documented in a single operation.

Up to two injection systems can be carried on the operator’s waist in holsters for easy mobility, or several can be hung on a chute or pen rail. No more back-and-forth to the tray or truck between injections.


The TopShot® veterinary injection and data collection system has built-in safety features. The TopShot® livestock syringe knows whether or not the unit is in position to deliver an injection. The precision-guided needle will not operate unless the unit is placed  against the animal, utilizing an optical proximity safety. The TopShot® position-inject-retract operation dramatically reduces needle breaks. If a needle does break the event is quickly and easily noted in the animal injection history. TopShot® is safer for the operator since the needle is not exposed, operator needle sticks are virtually eliminated.


TopShot® saves the herd owner money because fewer workers are needed for animal injections. The TopShot® automatic veterinary syringe system for livestock reads the animal’s VHF 134.2Khz RFID tag, if present. For other RFID frequencies TopShot® Bluetooth-pairs with commercial readers. If no chip is present the operator simply reads the animal identifier into the device for voice-recognition recording. Animal weight can be entered by Bluetooth pairing to a scale or by voice-recognition, for precision weight-based dosing. The U.S. version of TopShot® operates with either English or Spanish language entries, language selected when the operator logs in, and downloads all data in English. Then TopShot® automatically documents all aspects of the animal identification, weight and injection history for easy download to our platform and to any animal inventory and management software, so there’s no need for additional personnel to record information during processing or for transcription at a later time and no need for disassembly or sterilization after use.


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