The TopShot® veterinary syringe automatically and accurately doses and documents all aspects of subcutaneous, intramuscular, intradermal or intranasal injections in real time – reducing the number of personnel needed and enabling the processing of more animals per hour.

TopShot®  administers the injection and automatically records each animal’s ID, weight, date, time, fluid name & lot information, dosage, injection map location, operator ID and the device ID. Operation is literally as easy as ‘1-2-3’; (1) First click of the trigger to record the animal ID, (2) Second click  records the animal weight and calculates the dose, and (3) Third click  is after placing the handpiece at the injection location it injects. Only 1 or 2 clicks if ID and/or weight-based dosing are not needed. It’s that simple to operate!

When a 134.2Khz or UHF RFID tag is present, TopShot® reads and records the information automatically for each injection, and when no RFID tag is present voice recognition recording mode can be enabled for the operator to simply read the tag number into the device. For other RFID frequencies, TopShot® will pair with any Bluetooth reader. The administrator can also set the system to count the number of injections if animal ID is not desired.

In the U.S. system the TopShot® alerts, screen text and voice recognition mode operate in either English or Spanish, automatically selected when the operator logs in. All downloaded data is in English. Languages for other countries are also available.

Once an animal is injected in a ‘Run’ the TopShot® will not inject it a second time unless programmed to do so, eliminating accidental double-dosing.

The administrator sets the number of injections between needle changes and TopShot® alerts the operator when the change interval is reached, while refusing to inject until the needle is replaced.

Dosage is calculated, administered and recorded based on animal weight by Bluetooth pairing with the scale or by the operator speaking the animal weight into the device if a Bluetooth-enabled scale is not in use. No math skills or dose entries are needed! A single dosage can also be set for all animals in the Run if preferred by the administrator.

Dose-to-dose repeatability for TopShot® is +-1%. Compare this to +-5% for most plunger syringes and dose guns. Along with true precision dosing, large injection ‘Runs’ result in significant fluid conservation.

Dose metering is performed using the same linear peristaltic pump design that’s used for fluid administration for humans in hospital and clinic settings, eliminating fluid waste and allowing for rapid, precise injection of the fluids.

At the end of each Run the data are simply and quickly downloaded into the TopShot® database, which is resident on a local computer or server. TopShot® can also download directly to any livestock management software (Platform API Required). When an animal is sold its entire injection history is easily and quickly downloaded to any of various common document or software formats in order to ‘follow’ the animal. Your data is 100% private – there’s no connection to, or monitoring by, Quick Shot.

The TopShot® system is belt mounted with a holster for the injection hand-piece for convenience and portability, with the belt capable of holding two devices so one operator can inject two fluids while moving about. For large numbers of injections and temperature sensitive fluids, the optional backpack comes with hot/cold gel packs and will hold up to two devices and large fluid bottles in a temperature controlled environment which will alert the operator if temperatures approach the upper/lower limits set by the administrator. TopShot® systems can easily be hung off of a chute or pen rail.

Even for fluids that are not temperature sensitive, if operating in a cold environment the backpack can warm the fluid for lower viscosity (faster injection) and animal comfort.

TopShot®  also has a Premise ID feature that can be selected or deselected by the user, for compliance with agency premise location traceability requirements if/when needed.

TopShot® has an integral flashlight for low light conditions and a laser sight to ensure precise injection positioning.

Importantly, the needle is never exposed to the operator, eliminating accidental needle sticks, and the precision guided needle requires that the hand-piece be placed against the animal to inject. Needles can be longer than the set injection depth which allows more flex without breaking, greatly reducing the possibility of a needle breaking in an animal.

Needles rarely break when initially bent, they break after re-use while bent or straightening and continued use after a bend. With TopShot®, if a needle bends more then 0.132″ (1/8″) the device will require the operator to change the needle prior to the next injection. We have videos of the animal movement testing that resulted in only 4 bent needles but no broken needles, contact us if you’d like to view the videos.

In the unlikely event that a needle does break in an animal, the operator simply enters a note through voice recognition and the system will post an alert for that animal when the Run data is downloaded. The operator can also enter a request for the animal to be checked for other issues using voice recognition.

Internet access and/or cell service or external devices are NOT needed for the TopShot® system to operate, assuring that your data is 100% private and secure. Local wifi (Internet connection not required) is only needed for sending the Run profile to the portable unit and downloading the data after the Run, TopShot® operates anywhere.

There are no subscription fees, only the replacement of the disposable sterile connecting tube after 100 hours of use. TopShot® uses standard Luer Lock needles.