The TopShot® veterinary syringe system works perfectly for sheep and goat injection processing. The processing speed and automated record keeping free up ranch hands for other activities, while the system virtually eliminates accidental needle sticks and greatly reduces the possibility of broken needles. Whether using one or two injector hand-pieces in the belt holsters for operator mobility, or hanging multiple systems on a crush or pen rail, the TopShot® system assures convenience, speed, accuracy and safety while reducing processing costs.

The TopShot® automatic syringe injector is equally effective for all animal injection operations. Everywhere a veterinary syringe is needed for subcutaneous, intramuscular, intradermal or intranasal injections in volume processing activities, TopShot® is the clear choice.

The disposable connecting tube on TopShot® connects from bottle to needle and is quickly and easily replaced periodically at very low cost per hour. With no need for sterilization of the injection hand-piece or system after use, considerable time is saved while maintaining sanitary operating conditions at all times.

TopShot® automates record keeping, delivers accurate doses, reduces operator fatigue and increases safety for both animal and operator while increasing the number of animals processed per hour.

With our InjectionLink™ internal router, Internet, cell phone or other external devices are not needed for TopShot® to operate in work groups at any location.

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